[Diagnostic / Planning]  26 Crestal or lateral approach

Hello Drs,

I have a healthy 80 yro lady with a failed bridge. the 24 has a vertical root fracture with hopeless prognosis.

treatment option:

1- five unit bridge from 23-26

2- partial (Pt. does not want that!)

3- implant retained bridge (non-immediate)

In regards to option 3:

I am thinking section bridge/ exo 24 and graft/prf for 3-4 month before placing implants.

In my treatment plan I have tilted the the 24 and 26 implants to engage more bone. There is around 5mm of bone for 26 at the center but if I tilt the implant a bit I get about 7mm of bone contact at the distal. since I have minimum 5mm of bone I thought the crestal approach might be the way to go.

Also there appears to be not enough room for a proper 25. Should I just place a two unit splinted 24/26 implants?

What are your thoughts in this matter?

Any specific advise based on the images I have provided.

Your comments are appreciated



by Keyhan Alavian at Mon, May 15, 2017 3:22 PM

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