[Diagnostic / Planning]  15 failed implant

Hello everyone,

I have a patient that has presented with a failed implant. This implant was placed by another dentist three years ago. It started wobbling and eventually came out on its own. Pt. does not want to go back to the original dentist and wants me to fix it. The 14 implant was placed by the same dentist prior to 15 and is doing fine.


Causes of the failure: I believe its most likely a combination of a short implant and occlusal trauma. He is for sure a bruxer. He does have a nightguard which he says he wears regularly.

To place another implant I probably would:

1- raise a flap, clean out the granulation tissue and place sticky bone and let it heall. Come back in three month and place a 4.0X 10mm ET3 implant with a possible sinus bump. Restorative, I have to make sure there are no occlusal interference and that the ISQ is high. check the nightguard.

this would be my first retreatment case so your advice is highly appreciated.



by Keyhan Alavian at Fri, Sep 7, 2018 5:08 PM

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