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immediate replace 36 on M57

Posted by Terry Grover at Thu, Apr 4, 2013 9:06 PM

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Hi Y'all this is a case where the 36 is perio involved, he wants implant.  i plan immediate placement of 5x10 active, with flared heal abut.  any suggestions on size, postitioning, heal abut, or grafting?  i plan to place puros/dynablast mix and resorbable collegan plug on top and suture with vicryl or gortex to hold down. isq after 3 months....

replace 15 with 4.3x10 tap.groovey, or 4.0x9 astra

Posted by Terry Grover at Wed, Feb 27, 2013 9:28 PM

Last Reply by Bernard Jin

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ok, this is the case where i had simulated placement of 4.3x10 tap groovey, and thought it would be a bit tight in the bone available, so thought a smaller size better, perhaps 4.0x9mm astra?  some grafting anticipated on palatal. will likely place heal screw and bury graft under flap for 3 months.  comments?...

replace 15, crestal sinus lift?

Posted by Terry Grover at Wed, Feb 27, 2013 7:06 PM

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planning a 4.0 x 9.0 mm Astra, with crestal sinus graft via hoisen crestal access kit.  comments? suggestions? (sorry, wrong size; actually planning 4.3x10mm tap.groovey)....

How tight should Healing Abutments should be?

Posted by Mark Kwon at Sat, Feb 2, 2013 5:07 PM

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Dear doctors,   I wanted to ask you something. OMG I think I made an elementary mistake.   It was regarding that full upper arch case I showed you.   I saw the patient today. So I proceeded with "positive" torque test on the 16 implant. I sat him down, pulled out my gauge wrench, and positively torqued the healing abutment to 35 n. cm. I was overjoyed. No spinning! So I was like, "good!" And I reversed the wrench and tr...

Tissue grafting around All-on-4 abutment?

Posted by Sean Bicknell at Thu, Dec 20, 2012 12:37 AM

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One more case to share....     This is #15 abutment on one of my All-on-4 cases.  Patient is in the acrylic temporary bridge stage, 3 months after initial conversion/implant placement.   Implant is solid, ISQ reading is stable and good.  Tissues are healthy around implant, patient is very comfortable.  Her only comment was that the odd time its a little tender above this specific implant to touch, if she's clean...

All-on-4 on 32 year old patient?? Too young??

Posted by Sean Bicknell at Wed, Dec 19, 2012 11:56 PM

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Write up to follow........

Lower extractions and 2 implants/locators/CLD

Posted by Sean Bicknell at Thu, Oct 25, 2012 6:20 PM

Last Reply by Mark Kwon

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Hi Guys   Hope all is well!   This patient is a healthy 66 year old male, CUD, and a few remaining hopeless mandibular anteriors.   He would like remaining teeth extracted and 2 implants placed, with locators.   I am curious as to your stepwise treatment approach in regards to cases like this.   My plan was to extract teeth, level bone to decent level (you can see very little bone left around teeth) and place im...

Anterior Corwns Restoration

Posted by Sunny Cha at Thu, Sep 20, 2012 3:55 PM

Last Reply by Bernard Jin

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Hi Dr. Kwon and Jin,   This is a 51 years old caucasion male patient. We've placed two 11.5 x 4.3 platform shift nobel trihex implants four months ago.   because of lack of gingiva due to recession, I was thinking of adding pink porcelain on the crowns. Do you think this is a good idea?   Also if I do that then would it be beneficial to join the two crowns together? I know for posterior crowns it is recommanded but I am not s...

Lower implant tx planning post exos

Posted by San Bhatha at Wed, Sep 5, 2012 5:13 PM

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Hi guys, I have a 63 year woman with no medical contraindications.  I removed and extracted her failing Q4 bridge including teeth 46 and 48 at the beginning of Feb 2012.  I have attached a pan xray taken prior to the extraction.  I have also attached pics of her recent CT scan showing the bone area around the exo sites.  I wanted to get your opinion on the area as although it has been 6 mths I think I would like to wait anoth...