[Surgery]  Sinus Elevation

Hi Mark,  I really appreciate your time showing me the CT scans.  For This sinus elevation, it looks like there's only about 4.7 mm of bone there...will a simple sinus "bump" technique be used or a lateral window technique with a bone graft? If a sinus elevation is required, can you do the sinus elevation and refer the patient back to me for the placement of the implant?  In the future, can your office email me the images immediately with the measurements on it and the inferior alveolar canal highlighted just like these images or what does your office typically send the referring dentists?  

by Mark Kwon at Mon, Feb 21, 2011 2:06 AM

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Mark Kwon Replied at Mon, Feb 21, 2011 2:08 AM

Typically we send the CD containing the viewer so that the doctors can view themselves. Most of our existing members have taken CT software workshop sessions several times so they know how to trace the nerves and reading the scans. New members have not yet taken the session yet. I believe we have a study club session coming up in fall. We have had requests from several of new members asking CT session to be added to earlier date. Eddie is considering it. It is very useful skill to learn to read 3D images. Until then, we will email you the jpegs of the area you wish to work on. Answer to your first question: Yes, the patient needs sinus elevation procedure. Something I would not recommend you to proceed at your office. If you wish to learn more about sinus grafting , I would suggest taking upcoming grafting program (please inquire Eddie regarding dates). When you have less then 6mm of remaining bone, it is more predictable to approach from lateral wall ( instead of push up technique). We often do these sinus grafting and implant placement at the same time mainly for the patients convenience of avoiding secondary surgery and not having to wait twice the duration of healing time. Hope that helps, Sincerely, - mark