[Surgery]  How to remove dental Implants?

Hi Mark,

No one knows what kinds of implants it is. If I can not find it and find the parts I may have to remove it. Could let me know how can I remove it. It looks internal hex. Is there any driver that can do reveres torque to remove  it. Or I have to use terphine to remove it. If I use terphine should I go all the way down or I can grab if with forceps and move it.

Can place implant right away at the same place?

I have surgery shaded in few day I need your input ASAP.


by Mark Kwon at Wed, Nov 30, 2011 10:49 PM

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Mark Kwon Replied at Wed, Nov 30, 2011 10:58 PM

Thanks for the upload. This is becoming more and more common these days. Patients obtain fixtures from different country and when something like this happens, we all tend to get stressed. From the initial panorex, i thought it might be one of those older nobel replace select or even possibly to be its precursor, sterioss external hex. But NO~~ it has internal hex connection $%#&!! never seen this one before. My recommendation would be to order from your Nobel Rep what we call "Implant Retrieval Tool". This fits into implant torque wrench adaptor and you can engage the tool inside thread grooves of the implant fixture and reverse torque out the fixture. It is very good to have in your office. In fact, Every implant surgeons should have in their offices because you never know when it will become handy. I have posted video casting (mini lecture) on implant retrieval tool. check it out. you will find it very useful! - mark