[Surgery]  Tunnel graft with PRF?

Hello all.... just wondering if anyone has tried a tunnel graft to gain width in posterior mandible.

 I have a patient who has adequate height but inadequate width.  

Patient does not want to do a block graft.  

We are looking at placing Implants in 45 and 46 area.

 I had done a couple of cases in the past where I did get enough bone to place a regular platform implant but we left the area to heal almost a year..... do you think addition of PRF would decrease this waiting time???? 

My other option I know is the SmartMembrane but since this only works with Hiossen I am not able to look at this option at the time. 

Any opinions would be appreciated. 


by Perry Kreway at Tue, Aug 20, 2013 2:10 AM

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