[Surgery]  PRF and soft tissue grafting

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I've taken your PRF course and use it routinely with great success!  I've also taken your soft tissue grafting course, another great course as usual, although that was before PRF days.  (I'm really aging myself here!  haha)


Anyways, I'm wondering how you go about incorporating PRF into your soft tissue surgeries, in particular alloderm tunnel grafting, which is the technique I use most often.  I'm assuming the PRF liquid can be used to hydrate the alloderm.  Just wondering if there's any other ideas or suggestions with the PRF you would have to improve healing on these grafting cases.


What about FGG cases?






by Sean Bicknell at Wed, Apr 6, 2016 4:34 AM

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Mark Kwon Replied at Thu, Apr 14, 2016 8:21 PM

Dear Sean, Was great seeing you at PDC! ^^ This answer would be best answered by the PRF guru, Bernard , himself but I will tell you how I use it. 1. L-PRF membrane form : used to stop bleeding of my donor site (ie. palatal donor harvest site) 2. L-PRF plasma "juice" : used to hydrate the graft material (ie. in your case it is Alloderm / Surederm) 3. L-PRF membrane can be "sandwiched" together with graft material and tunneled in one on top of another: To be honest with you , only guy who can pull this off as routine procedure is Bernard. I have hard time 'sandwiching' anything when im tunneling. 4. F-PRF in syringe form : inject the solution underneath the overlying flap, after the graft material has already been tunneled in. This is much easier approach for me. ^^ hope this helps, - mark