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If I could clarify my second question a bit more. I find alot of times with the hiossen kit and nobel as well when i was using it that the surgical drills alone are sometimes short. For example placing a 36 when 37 and 35 still exist i find the head of the drill gets close to the teeth and it can also be difficult to create and assess the initial osteotomy on the right angle and depth etc. Particularly in the LL quad. I am right handed.
Obviously by human nature you add on the extension and it can be extremely tight against the upper teethwhich can push your drill buccal to accomodate the tight space. Because nobel and hiossen overall drill lengths and extensions are similar is there a smaller extension I feel like sometimes i need 5-6mm more rather then the full amount the extension provides. Ironically a nobel rep told me today the biggest knock to their drill system is they are too short and hiossen are comparatively similar
Dr kwon can you make hiossen enginneer a mid range extension lol
Thoughts? Ideas

by Stefano Storey at Tue, Aug 16, 2016 1:58 PM

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Mark Kwon Replied at Thu, Aug 18, 2016 7:04 PM

Hi, Stefano It is more or less a universal issue. I have talked to engineers re drill extension length issue. I still prefer the NB drill extension over the Hiossen drill extension mostly due to easy in and out. lengths are almost identical. As HY mentioned, i often find myself having to rotate my hand piece to accomodate. I only use handpieces without the built in lamp, due to the size of lamp hitting the adjacent tooth prematurely. Also remember, ET3 drills have counter-sink depth built in. Ie. 10mm drill is = 10+1 (counter sink) + addtional (0.5-1mm) for Y-factor. = almost 12mm!!! so becareful when calculating the depth. There is a good video i uploaded on video section here where i go into detail on how the ET3 drills work. You will find it useful. - mark

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Ho-Young Chung Replied at Tue, Aug 16, 2016 6:58 PM

Hey Stefano, If I can chime in a bit here. I think we all have the same issue in posterior regions. My solution to this is to use a bite block at all times and rotate my handpiece 90 degrees to the buccal. It's a bit awkward in Q3 for a right hander (that's me as well) but only way. There are times when getting a 10mm drill is tough. I will use a shorter drill to start the osteotomy then move up a drill length. So for example: Say the implant planned is a 5 by 10mm and you can't get your 10mm 2.0 drill in there. Use a 7mm 2.0 to depth. then 10mm 2.0 drill. Then 3.5 7mm drill then 3.5 10mm drill...and so forth until you have reached depth with your final drill (of choice) depending on how much you want to underprep. Hope that helps a bit. Ho-Young