[Prosthetics]  Borken Nobel Acrive Zirconia abutment? your thoughts?

Hi Mark: this is a case I had to deal with today.  implant crown inserted Jan/11, on an active RP(15mm) with zirc esthetic abut from kit, and conventionally cemented pfm.  screw retained not possible since angle of screw places access hole coming through buccal porcelain.  So, when the crown came loose today, I had to drill through crown and part of my beautiful buccal porcelain (it took forever) to get at screw.  the pic on the left is the PA I took today, showing fx of zirc abut.  the PA on the right was taken in jan, just after crown install.  this circular piece of fractured zirc was removed and the crown/abut was screwed back on as a temp until next week.  do you think I did not have this screwed in all the way when originally installed, or what?  not sure how the zirc abut could fx like that.  occusion is ok.  implant looks and feels solid.  I plan to take implant level impression and get custom abut and crown made.  will still have to cement crown on due to angle of implant.  comments?


by Mark Kwon at Tue, Nov 1, 2011 7:16 PM

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Mark Kwon Replied at Tue, Nov 1, 2011 7:24 PM

Thanks for your post: This is an unusual case because I've never seen a zirconia abutment break like this before. Few questions: 1. I see that there's pontics adjacent to #21 implant; Is any of the pontics part of cantilever to #21 implant crown?? If it is so that would put extra force/loading on to the implant. 2. How's existing OJ/OB? any parafunctions? 3. Just want to make sure that the screw you are using is specific for zirconia abutment. Lab screw or screw for titanium/stock abutments will NOT work. Prosthetic screw for zirconia abutments are specifically designed for zirconia abutments only. You should definitely verify this fact as well. As far as dealing with this situation, my thoughts are the same as yours. ie. Custom abutment and crowns. If you are concerned, titanium custom abutment is an option. Please also note that Nobel will credit you back for abutment as well as for part of crown fee (as far as I know). - mark