[Others]  Happiest patients are Allon4 patients!

Hi, Guys!


Just wanted to share some stories around my work with you.

This months been interesting.  well... as all you guys know,  Allon4 is a big part of my daily routine... no surprises there.  The interesting thing however is that I've been treating  other medical professionals as patients.   ie. Medical doctors, Retired surgeons, etc...


The word is spreading i think.  May be we are reaching out to other health care providing colleagues.  This is exciting!


Last week I treated a gentleman (well known gastro-enterologist) for double arch Allon4.  He was at first nervous, but with TLC , he handled the procedure very well.  When all was finished, he went home with new teeth, top and bottom.


He and his wife were very pleased and thanked our entire team many, many, many times over!


I am hoping that more of the medical colleagues will open their eyes to this wonderful tx.

What a difference Allon4 makes on so many individuals, especially for medically compromised and mal-nourished patients.


Any ways, just wanted to share some of my excitement with you guys!  Cheers!


- mark



Ps.  Any one who has Allon4 cases you want to upload for discussion, please do. I welcome it! Thx.

by Mark Kwon at Thu, Jan 13, 2011 2:07 AM

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