[Others]  37implant bone loss is this worth saving

Hi all,

This patient (relative) has a bridge from 37-35 with failing implant on 36. Nobel replace implants 6 years old.

I am removing the bridge and implant 36 next week and making plans for new implants 35 and 36.

The tissue opposite 36 is inflamed and has a 10mm pocket mesially.

But #37 has no symptoms and also shows some bone loss mesially and buccally.

I am wondering if using a waterlase laser and bone grafting I can salvage this implant.

Knowing that 36 and 35 will be replaced is it even worth it...

I believe the reason for the failures was excessive occlusal load and improper planning on a bruxer.

Needed 3 implants and an occlusal night guard. Note to self: listen to your gut not patients $$ concerns!!

I am going to try out the removal kit from Hiossen to remove 36 but I don't know if it will even work for 37...

Wonder what you all would recommend.

(Last BW is current others 2011 and 2014)



by Cindy Sidhu at Thu, Oct 5, 2017 2:43 PM

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Cindy Sidhu Replied at Thu, Oct 19, 2017 4:32 PM

No worries removed both implants today.  Not much holding them in!