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Took your PRF course.

Use single puncture technique. Usually 2 red, 2 white,  27x12. Use Double seed from membranes finely chopped. Add liquid column from white tubes. My bone is usually very consistent from case to case. It definitely can be picked up as a single unit as it retains the shape of the dish it was in. I guess you could call it pliable and maintains shape.

I have been reading some of the PRF discussion on here. Can you describe the difference in bone quality you can achieve using the 2R 2W single spin technique versus dual port catheter. In you opinion do you feel achieving the same results is possible with both or do you feel that dual port is superior.


by Chad Denomme at Wed, Apr 18, 2018 6:48 PM

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Ho-Young Chung Replied at Tue, May 15, 2018 8:12 PM

Hi Chad,

Dual port is definitely nice to use especially for longer surgeries.  In my experience, the white (yellow are the sterilized versions that Surgical Smart now sells) tubes are great if you are quick with your surgery.  However, if you aren't ready to use white tubes and more than 15-30 minutes pass after spinning has stopped, the white tubes will also coagulate.  

The white/yellow tubes are perfect for socket grafting.  Extraction 5-15 minutes for the average clinician and by this time, centrifuge will have stopped spinning.  If you time it right and use the white/yellow tubes when they are fresh, sticky bone will form almost instantly.  

However, if it has been a while then you will find that sticky bone takes either a long time to form or never forms.  

If you are not good at using dual port catheter than my suggestion is take two draws.  One for red at the beginning of surgery to have your L-PRF ready and second draw in the middle of surgery for white/yellow tubes to make sticky bone.  Yes, this means interrupting surgery and regloving but it's the only way to get around timing without using dual port catheter.  

Ho-Young Chung