[Others]  Implants and MRI. Any contraindications?

Hi Dr. Kwon, The online couse last day was great, although i felt a little overwhelmed by how much the other dentists knew. But I learned so much and looking forward to next one.   I just have a quick question. I have a patient who needs to replace 45. 50 years old male caucation. Good bone because he only had a retained baby molar that was pulled out a few weeks ago. He wants an implant but he is having MRI done once every year because to monitor a benign tumor that he had on his back bone around T3 level.   My understanding is any metal that is NON-FEROUS is OK with MRI. And most dental implants are PURE Titanium or alloy with some alluminum or vanadium which are non-ferous. So I think it is ok but I thought I would ask you. I use NobelReplace implants and just wanted ask if you had any case like this and if dental implants are ok with MRI. I tried find info on nobel site but wasn't successful.   regards,

by Mark Kwon at Thu, Oct 6, 2011 8:36 PM

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Bernard Jin Replied at Fri, Oct 7, 2011 2:07 AM

Dear Abbey, I would generally agree with Mark that likely the Ti-alloy dental implant would likely not lead to distortion of the MRI image. Especially with the site of investigation being at the T3 level. Despite this, I would still recommend picking up the phone and calling the patient's MD specialist. regards, Bernard

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Mark Kwon Replied at Thu, Oct 6, 2011 8:38 PM

Good question ! As far as I know nobel implants are non-ferrous and not a contraindiation to MRI.